MPV Farm


MVP Farms is a 188 acre ranch of avocados and lemons in Fillmore, CA. DropControl has been operating on the ranch for 3 months, with full automation of all three blocks. Manolo, MVP Ranch Manager, has seen not only significant water savings, but has also found utilization in the ease of scheduling, and the alerts and alarms settings.

“We were having the problem of not being able to show our water consumption to the water district, and had nothing to prove our readings - now we go on our program and can present our savings - that is why we are very happy with the system.”

Project Goals:

· Remote scheduling for overnight off-peak irrigation

· Water savings

· Record keeping for water district reports

Over $2,000 per month in water savings

· Savings on labor

· Hydraulic alarm action to stop booster pump at low reservoir levels

· Plans to add soil moisture monitoring