Water is one of the planet’s scarce natural resources. This situation will get worse if we aren't more conservative and responsible with this vital element.

WiseConn is aware of the reality of declining resources, and we developed a technology to measure and control water and other fluids in such diverse areas such as agriculture, mining, and hydrology. The WiseConn platform consists of a wireless hardware installed in the field and software that is accessible through the internet, allowing growers to manage their farm and make informed decisions.

"We have vast experience, over 18 years, which has led us to develop modern technology capable of delivering real-time information on production processes and water control."


Cristóbal Rivas - WiseConn CEO


Operational Nodes




Irrigation Equipment


We have thousands of monitoring and control systems installed.

We have offices in 5 countries and a presence in more than 10, through our chain of distributors and local partners, with more than 100 employees worldwide and 10 million dollars in revenue.

The various requirements and expansion into new markets has been possible through quality innovation, in addition to a demanding process of educating installers and users.