The WiseConn platform consists of a wireless hardware installed in the field and software that is accessible through the internet, allowing growers to manage their farm and make informed decisions.

What our Customers
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DropControl is innovative and easy to maneuver. It freed up my time in the field.

Tom Rogers, Rogers Ranch
Madera, CA.


DropControl lets us put out the right amount of water at the right time, and that's the key.

Rob Willmott, Fresno State University
Fresno, CA.


If interested in sub-surface drip irrigation, the irrigation control quality from WiseConn is invaluable.

Becky Phene
UC Kearney

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Our Technology enables field managers to wirelessly monitor, control and automate irrigation systems to increase revenue, decrease expenses and help manage time.


DropControl consists of a wireless network for monitoring and control, and a Web application. The network is made up of nodes, which are connected to sensors and actuators for monitoring weather conditions, soil moisture and irrigation historic data, and to actuate over the irrigation system. The nodes communicate with each other to send the information to the central Gateway, which connects the network with a web server.